Social VR, Facebook Horizon And The Future Of Social Media Marketing

Presence is more important now than ever. Many around the globe are staying home and limiting their physical, social contact. Families and friends connect via Zoom calls or drive-by birthday parties. Professionals spend countless hours on screens talking with colleagues and clients. “Zoom fatigue” is a new saying among remote workers. 

Spatial presence – the feeling of “being there” in a virtual space can unlock doors to social experiences and give people a sense of belonging and fulfillment in a world changed by a pandemic that keeps many physically apart.

The hours we spend on social media have also increased. A recent Statista [1]survey showed that 29.7 percent of U.S. social media users used social media 1-2 additional hours per day. eMarketer[2] notes that 51% of U.S. adults are using social media at higher rates during the pandemic. 

Social virtual reality, or social VR, has seen an increase in users too. Social VR apps like Rec Room, BigScreen, VRChat, and AltSpace have all seen an increase in traffic. AltSpace is even hosting one of Burning Man’s virtual worlds from this year’s virtual event. This week, Facebook announced the launch of the public beta for its social VR experience, Horizon[3]

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