Facebook, US Ignite want communities to crowdsource AR, VR tools

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Three communities will receive funding from Facebook’s virtual and augmented reality lab next year to host AR-development competitions that feature local entrepreneurs and developers, with support from US Ignite[2], a National Science Foundation-led technology nonprofit that announced the initiative on Tuesday.

The selected participants, which can include local governments, businesses and community organizations, will host competitions between next January and August to promote AR tools that can help local government solve challenges specific to their communities, such as those related to health care, workforce redevelopment, public welfare or education.

“These challenge events will give local businesses, municipal governments, and civic organizations across the country an opportunity to tap into their local innovation ecosystems to develop novel AR applications and solve pressing community problems,” Scott Turnbull, U.S. Ignite’s technology director, said in a press release. “We’re thrilled to partner with Facebook Reality Labs on this program and look forward to seeing the creative augmented reality applications that emerge.”

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