Facebook Launches Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset

Interest in virtual reality has been rising during the COVID-19 lockdowns[1], with people seeking alternative sources of entertainment. Catering to this, Facebook announced last month[2] that it would be launching a new Oculus VR headset soon – and today, it’s been released, with the Oculus Quest 2 now available in stores and via oculus.com[3].

The Chemical Brothers’ ‘Galvanize’ came out in 2005, yet it still holds resonance. 

The new headset features improved performance and enhanced resolution, all within a wireless VR unit. The first version of the Oculus Quest became the company’s best-selling VR headset[4], and with a range of new features and tools incoming, Facebook is keen to capitalize on the current interest, and get more people engaging within its virtual environments.

And it’s not just about gaming – Facebook also announced the beta launch of its new ‘Horizon’ social VR experience[5] back in August, which will provide a platform for people to interact in the virtual world.

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