Facebook Announces New Advances in VR and AR, Including AR Glasses Coming Next Year

How you view that will come down to your view on the mainstream media, but much like the News tab, Facebook would essentially be able to select partner publishers to build its AR experience tools with, enhancing its news offerings.

Infinite Office

Facebook is also working on new VR innovations to facilitate work collaboration in replacement of the physical office. Which, after the events of 2020, will likely become a bigger focus for many businesses.

As you can see here, Facebook’s Infinite Office VR experience is a virtual office space which will enable users to conduct meetings, work on several surfaces, collaborate on projects, and more, all within a digital environment. [21]

Facebook has been testing various VR alternatives for working from home, and Infinite Office is the next major step. And again, with more businesses now considering the benefits of allowing their staff to log in remotely, this could become a key use case that helps boost the use of VR in the home.

There’s a lot to take in here, and even more technical detail and specifics for each element which will influence how they’re actually applied and utilized. But this is the next shift for The Social Network – VR and AR are where Facebook is looking as it sets itself up for the next major consumer shifts. 

And we may be closer to that next stage than you think, with AR glasses, in particular, set to transform how we connect with the world around us, and likely each other.

You’ll be able to view all the Facebook Connect video sessions shortly at the Facebook Connect website[22]


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